Webinar:Translational Science Building a bridge between laboratory and patients

Translational medical research is a critical issue in recent biomedical research. However, most translational research was conducted in animal studies and confirmed by clinical samples without additional action. There are very few success stories of moving from bench to the bedside, specifically in the East Asian scientific society. The central concept of translational science is designed to move basic research into clinical care at the patient’s bedside and take the messages from the clinical application back into the research environment. However, the connection between basic research and clinical application involved many barriers, such as transgenic animal models for disease research, structure chemistry, PDX model for drug validation, bioinformatics, different background in disease mechanisms, therapeutic targets, and clinical trials, etc. To build a solid team for bridging between basic scientists and clinical healthcare experts, Taipei Medical University established the program for translational research. This program no longer focuses on his/her immediate research goal. We gather experts with various backgrounds, including experts in structural chemistry, biology, biochemistry, animal models, drug screening, antibody drugs and clinical trials. We built a research team and formulated into the department to establish the ability to use deductive logic to explain research results and build a super-highway for clinical trial and clinical practice. We welcome anyone interested in the research of biomedical entrepreneurs to join us in translational research.