2022 Graduate Flow Survey

This year’s (2022) survey targets graduates from the 2016, 2018 and 2020 years.

Those who complete the online questionnaire between July and September will receive an online gift certificate.

Graduates are encouraged to complete the online survey at http://survey.tmu.edu.tw/.

Cancel real-name registration for Visitors to TMU

According to the resolution of the school’s 7/18 epidemic prevention meeting, the campus epidemic prevention and control measures are adjusted as follows:

Since July 20, 2022, the campus has started canceled the admission application online system, and open to outsiders to enter the campus. When entering the campus, you must wear a mask and have your body temperature checked. If you have a fever (greater than 37.5〫C) or respiratory symptoms, please do not enter campus, and you should seek medical attention immediately or go home for rest. Appreciate your cooperate and thanks for your attention.

Oral Medicine Building entrance and exit are adjusted to the front of Xing-Chun Building

[Important Noticed]

Oral Medicine Building entrance and exit are adjusted to the front of Xing-Chun Building

Resolved by the Epidemic Prevention Conference on June 20, 2022

1. Due to the renovation of the 8-meter road in front of the Oral Medicine Building, the entrance and exit of the Oral Medicine Building sentinel point will be adjusted from June 27, 2022 to the front of Xing-Chun Building, and the new motorcycle parking space outside the Oral Medicine Building will be opened (see the attachment for details)

2. During the summer vacation from July 4 to September 11,2022 the Xing-Chun Building sentinel point will be closed on Wednesday and weekend. All faculty, staff and students are required to enter the campus at the Security Control Station.

Starting from Jan. 20, please cooperate with TMU’s new epidemic prevention measures.

Starting from Jan. 20, please cooperate with TMU’s new epidemic prevention measures.

According to the resolution of epidemic prevention meeting on Jan. 18, starting from Jan. 20, all visitors should be wearing a mask and having the temperature checked for campus entry (including underground parking lot). Anyone not wearing a mask or with forehead temperature of greater than or equal to 37.5 degree celsius will not be permitted to enter the campus.

Entry Regulations of CFC in response to COVID-19 Outbreak.

  1. All users are required to wear mask in any core lab at all time.  No entry will be allowed without a mask.
  2. Upon entering the Core Facility Center, body temperature will be monitored and mandatory record is required. Both hands are also required to disinfect with alcohol.
  3. Please carry your official university ID at all time.

Please note, the Core Facility Center will NOT be able to provide mask on site.

Entry Regulations for Office of R&D in response to COVID-19 Outbreak.

1.       All visitor/users are required to wear mask all all time.

2.       Please keep a 1.5 meter social distance from each other.

3.       All visitors/users are required to keep an entry record. Please use alcohol to disinfect both hands.

4.       All COVID-19 regulations are effective immediately in the following R&D office/facility : Research Promotion Center, Core Facility Center, and Laboratory Animal Center.



【教育訓練】同步遠距教學工具介紹 (直播+現場指導)

因應疫情演變,03/23(一)下午16:00將辦理「同步遠距教學工具介紹」線上直播說明會,並同時於杏春樓二樓電腦教室A現場指導,線上線下同步進行,介紹如何使用Google Meet 及ZOOM 進行同步遠距視訊與教學,歡迎大家踴躍線上參與。如需要現場指導者,請攜帶自己耳麥或筆電至電腦教室,電腦教室限40人,請把座位留給需要的人。

日期:109/03/23 (一) 16:00-17:00

直播地點:大安校區16F 虛擬攝影棚

現場指導地點:杏春樓2F 電腦教室A











Google Meet 會議室建立與操作

陳佳能 數位學習顧問師


Zoom(US) 教育版帳號註冊

陳佳能 數位學習顧問師


Zoom 會議室建立與操作

游千瑩 組長


  1. 於直播時間,點選直播連結網址,進入TMU Youtube頻道

  2. 點選【直播】視窗進入觀看


聯絡人:教學科技組 黃雅娟 組長






Dear all
Due to cluster infections in Academia Sinica recently, please comply with the resolutions of 18th Wuhan Pneumonia Prevention Meeting.
1. If you have been to Nangang District of Academia Sinica during March 8th to March 22nd, you must perform “Self-Health Management” for 14 days since the last contact day in Academia Sinica, and you are not allowed to come to school during 14 days.
2. From March 23rd to April 6th, TMU suspends interactions with Academia Sinica. The suspension period may be extended in case of worse situation in Academia Sinica. 
衛生保健組  敬上