Entry Regulations of CFC in response to COVID-19 Outbreak.

  1. All users are required to wear mask in any core lab at all time.  No entry will be allowed without a mask.
  2. Upon entering the Core Facility Center, body temperature will be monitored and mandatory record is required. Both hands are also required to disinfect with alcohol.
  3. Please carry your official university ID at all time.

Please note, the Core Facility Center will NOT be able to provide mask on site.

Entry Regulations for Office of R&D in response to COVID-19 Outbreak.

1.       All visitor/users are required to wear mask all all time.

2.       Please keep a 1.5 meter social distance from each other.

3.       All visitors/users are required to keep an entry record. Please use alcohol to disinfect both hands.

4.       All COVID-19 regulations are effective immediately in the following R&D office/facility : Research Promotion Center, Core Facility Center, and Laboratory Animal Center.