圖書館公告: Turnitin帳號申請規定

Poster:Post date:2019-09-09


為保護北醫一校三院教職員生之權益,將嚴格控管帳號,即Turnitin申請的帳號必須為北醫體系之Email若原為個人信箱將進行刪除,再請重新申請,如有任何問題,可與圖書館參考服務台聯繫(分機: 2515, Email: asktmul@tmu.edu.tw)



Account application requirements of Turnitin


Dear faculty and student

In order to protect the right and interests of TMU users, PLEASE provide TMU's or TMU Affiliate Hospital's EMAIL when you apply for Turnitin account. If the account is a personal mail, it will be deleted, and then please apply again. Thank you for your kind cooperation.


If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact the Reference Desk.


Reference Desk

Location: 3rd floor, Comprehensive Medical Building(Rear Building)

Email: asktmul@tmu.edu.tw  
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