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The Program for translational Medicine in TMU offers various tracks for local and international students to apply.

The PhD Program for Translational Medicine, TMU and Academia Sinica

This is an inter-institutional program and only for local Taiwanese students. This program is set up in 7 medical universities including TMU is jointly operated with Academia Sinica – the top research institute in Taiwan. The main courses are organized by Academia Sinica. Students from this program will be with the students from the other medical universities together to take courses and do research in Academia Sinica. A dual-mentor system is designed for students to have mentors at least one from clinic and one from basic research side. This dual-mentoring system aims to help students to identify the unmet medical needs and effectively find strategies and try to solve the problems. Students with MD or DDS background are preferred but not limited to apply this program. Academia Sinica provides 2 years of scholarships for all students who were accepted in this program.

The Master/PhD Program for Translational Medicine, Graduate Institute of Medical Informatics, TMU

This Master/PhD program is offered for international students to apply. Bioinformatic and meta-analysis is a modern methodology. As human genome decoding and clinic data accumulation and collection are more comprehensive, and more data mining and various bioinformatics data analysis tool are developed, this program includes the faculties from the program for translational medicine (wet lab) and from the graduate institute of medical informatics (dry lab) aims to provide a curriculum and training courses for students to learn and develop the analytic methodology for genomic analysis, the associations of signaling pathways or risk factors with the targeted disease, and the platforms or techniques to verify the associations in wet labs. Therefore students who are interested in computer science, biotechnology, and medical sciences are all welcome to apply this program.

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